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[T1] Oak: Located at corner of property on Blackhill Lane border. Proposal: Crown raise secondary laterals extending over neighbours garden to 5m from ground level. Remove epicormic growth to 5m. Remove major deadwood 3cm diameter and greater. Reason: To give good clearance over neighbours garden and keep stem clear in the interests of good ongoing management. To also remove potential hazards. [T3] Oak: Located along the Blackhill Lane border of property. Proposal: Reduce large low limb (25cm diam at 4m SW) back to replacement 1.5m from stem due to historic wounding and observed fungal activity. Reduce extended low limb at 4m western crown over road approx 6m back to upright replacement due to poorly occluded historic wound sites and observed fungal bracket. Crown raise low hanging end growth to ensure clearance to 3m over footpath/lawn and 5m over road. Remove epicormic growth on stem to main fork at 4.5m. Remove major deadwood 3cm diameter and greater. Reason: To address potential risk of limb failure/deadwood drop hazards, ensure good clearance over road and pathway and keep stem clear of unwanted growth.

Ward / Parish

Knutsford (2011) / Knutsford Town PC

Case Officer

Alvin Dunn

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No / Site visit date unavailable



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Consent for wrks in TPO with conditions / 09-Mar-2022

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Applicant Details

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Yvette Harrison (Norkem)

Applicant address

Norkem, Norkem House,, Bexton Lane, Knutsford, WA16 9FB

Agent name

Patrick Neech

Agent address

Bartlett Tree Experts, Oakwood Nurseries, Chelford Road, OLLERTON, WA16 8SE

Consultees and Neighbours


Comments from the public are not edited, if you consider a comment to be defamatory or abusive, please notify Customer Services Tel: 0300 123 5014

Consultee Contact Type Address
Cllr (Dean (Knutsford Ward)) Member 8, TREVONE CLOSE, KNUTSFORD, CHESHIRE, WA16 9EJ
Cllr (Gardiner (Knutsford Ward)) Member 23, QUEEN STREET, KNUTSFORD, CHESHIRE, WA16 6HZ
Cllr (Abel (Knutsford Ward)) Member 11, ST JOHNS ROAD, KNUTSFORD, WA16 0DL
Adam Keppel-Green (Clerk to Knutsford Town Council) Parish Councillor Council Offices, Toft Road, KNUTSFORD, Cheshire, WA16 6TA
(Heritage & Design - Forestry) Internal Consultee Not available

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