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The Planning Application Search allows you to view

  • the details of a planning application
  • the progress of a planning applications
  • documents and plans related to a planning application
  • applications submitted to the former Borough and County Council

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Tips for searching by address

Searching by address is not case sensitive.
Not all planning applications have a postcode.

You will get different results if you

  • include a comma after the house number or name or not
  • include a comma at the end of the street name or not
  • include a street name with the town or not
  • use street or st, road or rd, avenue or ave, close or cl, drive or dr, place or pl, crescent or cres, square or sq, lane or ln
  • use postcode on its own or with other parts of the address
This is due to the merger of 4 different systems into 1. We are working to improve the consistency of our planning application search results.